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Dry side electronics

(Julian Hancock) #1

Has anybody got a satisfactoy solution to protecting the inboard end of the BlueROV electronics please?



(Kevin) #2

The electronics are protected from water and pressure by an acrylic or aluminum water tight cylinder (WTC).

What solution are you looking for?

(Julian Hancock) #3

I am looking for a satisfactory solution to protecting the inboard end of the BlueROV electronics.

(Tim Pierce) #4

Depends on your definition of satisfactory and which electronics package you plan on using. For example I think this works great so far My tether spool but i may be biased.

That protects the fathom X and some other bits. you would presumably want a waterproof ruggedized laptop to go with it. If you buy the USBL electronics it has its own waterproof case.

(Julian Hancock) #5

Hi Tim

I like your set up. I am thinking mainly of how to protect the inboard tether card.



(Tim Pierce) #6

Well that one will definitely protect either of the Fathom style cards. if you seal it up with gasket silicon or window sealer it should be good against light drenchings and whatnot. I don’t think i’d trust it down to a 50 foot deep dive, but i’d trust it to withstand submersion to 10 feet or so. You can print the control box out and use it as a standalone connector if you want. If you are going with waterproof connectors and leads, you don’t want it too much smaller than that anyways because you need room to route the cables around inside.

(undersearobotics.com) #7

I’ve been using these IP68 electronics boxes and connectors. They’re a little bigger which gives me room for other interfaces (for sonar, etc) and future upgrades.

(Julian Hancock) #8

Thanks Paul, food for thought.