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Waterproofing Electronics

(Caetano Chappuis) #1

Hey Everybody,

So I am going to test my homemade sub, but I am scared of leakage. I have already brought the sub underwater, and there was no sign of it, but somehow I still don’t want to risk it.

I read that coating with an acrylic coating spray could make the electronics more water resistant. Is that true and what is your experience with leakage?

Can I use this spray on the Arduino Board, the basic ESC and the IC2 Level converter?

Thank you very much,

and best wishes

Caetano Chappuis

(Christian) #2

…you can oil compensate it, but you have to get the camera seperate bottle then, and a small compensator, but its not a really Big task…only need 1 ATM preassure in the compensator… but they are expensive, but im looking at this at the moment;)

(Christian) #3

…but i have to say… im making my own brand in the end(or 4), and i will not give away All the knowledge… i see that this will be a moneymaker and if i give away all my info someone else will make it as a product:(, sad as it is, but greed is common… but theroetical this is very simple!.. practical too… just need the experience… a Lot of “bummers” to make before succed;)…keep it simple and its all good;) …can pm too…:wink: