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Warranty Terms and Guarantee Period for BlueROV2

Hi everyone,

I am willing to buy the simplest version of BlueROV2 to be a new ROV developer.

However, I need to get the guarantee period and terms of BlueROV2 before i purchase it. It’ll be my first time to use an underwater robot so i need to know what kind of mistakes are going to be up to me when i use it.

I couldn’t find any file/information/document about the warranty in BlueRobotics’ website . Could somebody share with me the guarantee period and terms of BlueROV2 as pdf file, please?

My email is: a.kadirarslan.ka@gmail.com

Blue Robotics Return/Exchange Policy

Summary: We cover shipping damages and manufacturing defects. We do not cover modifications or operational damages (example, you broke something while using it out in the field).

If one of the components fails or breaks spontaneously when i am using it, what is the time period of guarantee period for each components? For example thrusters, sensors, pixhawk, camera, lumen lights, waterproofing etc.

Defective products may only be exchanged within 90 days of purchase. In order to process your exchange, we will need your order number, description of your setup (including photos if available), and any other information about your use of the product that may help us understand the potential defect.

In the event that a product is determined to be defective due to a manufacturer error or defective materials, we will repair or exchange the product as needed. If Blue Robotics determines that repair or replacement of a defective product is not practical, we will provide a refund.

90 Days is what is written in our Terms and Conditions.

We have been making incremental updates and upgrades to all of our products over the years, this blog post summarizes our more recent changes: BlueROV2 and Thruster Updates for 2020

Our more recent changes have made spontaneous damage unlikely, however if you do experience an issue, send us an e-mail to support@bluerobotics.com so we can do analysis and determine if it is a manufacturing defect that needs to be further addressed and subsequently replaced or an operational one.

May I ask what guarantee you are expecting or looking for?

I have not been able to describe the warranty that i am mentioning about. I am going to explain it with an example below.

For example when we buy a smart phone, laptop or dish washer etc, companies give us 1 year, 2 years or more guarantee of their products with the explanation of the obligation of terms of use. That is what i am asking for.

Do you have such kind of warranty? Do you give 1 year, 2 years or more guarantee?

No, we don’t have any such warranty like that. 90 days is what we have in our Terms and Conditions of sale.

Thank you for your concern and explanation, Kevin.