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BlueRov 2 Life span


Opening a discussion here.

What would you say is the average lifespan of a BlueRov 2?
I know there are a million and 1 factors to consider, but in your experience as users, how many hours have you logged before some error, minor or critical, occurred?

I have 4 BlueRov2 and have logged about 700 hours of use for them in about 1600 immersions, over a year now. And the problems start to pile up around the 150h mark.
Apart from the current problems with the epoxy that has plagued me the last 2 weeks.
Other things like t200 rusting, wear, bearings replacement. Electronics fails from memory failure or gyro blocking… all those little things.

Id say for me and the use i give the ROVs the average life span for them is about 200 hours of use.

What do you guys think, or have experienced?

thanks and stay safe during this pandemic of a time.