Waiting for video

Hi all,

I was using a Bluerov2 camera in one USB Chanel on Raspberry (2.0 USB) which I got “Bridget port problem” and I lost the video on Qground… And then I changed to another USB Raspberry channel (3.0 USB) and I got the video again on Qground… Now It isn’t showed the video streaming on the program that I’m using… Do you have any information about it? Or any documentation that could help me to understand how can I change the IP and port to the same as before?

Hi! Could you check please with you are not having the same issue as us here: BlueROV2 R1 Camera not detected after upgrade to BlueOS - #3 by matosinho

Are you using companion or BlueOS?


I’m using BlueOS,

Did you read the issue I sent? You think you have the same issue? Could you check what I, @UBICA and @mdares did to see if you can also fix your problem? If you consider that we have the same issue, you would be the fourth person to have this camera issue with BlueOS. We are almost a month without a solution.

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