Volume of BlueROV


Me and me colleague are working on our master’s thesis in automatic control and we are using a BlueROV as our platform.
We need an estimate of the ROV’s volume and I have tried getting its volume from BlueRobotics CAD-files without success.
So my question is if anyone has a somewhat trustworthy estimate of the BlueROV’s volume.


Hi Erik,

Are you looking for displacement volume or the physical volume of the material?

I can tell you the buoyancy is very close to neutral when fully assembled, so it displaces it’s own weight in water.

Let me know what you need and we’ll help!



We are interested in the displacement volume, i.e the volume of displaced water when the Rov is submerged.

Best regards,


@MrEkelund - Okay. We’ll work on putting that together for you.


The displacement volume of the BlueROV is about 375 cubic inches.