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Component weights?

(Paul) #1

Would it be possible to include the weights (in air and in water) of the various components (housings, thrusters, etc.)? I checked the specifications and couldn’t find it. Thanks!

(Paul) #2

Would it be possible to at least get the “in air” weights? Thanks!

(Harold Scadden) #3

Paul have you looked at any of the CAD files? I was wondering if you can get the volume of the particular part in question just using a viewer for the various formats of if you have to have some sort of CAD software.

I know I can pester my drafters to get me the volume of an object and depending on how they have it drawn, say in Solid Works, I can get the weight too. But simple in air weight and volume would do wonders and figuring out bouyancy amounts.

(Rusty) #4

Hi Paul and Harold,

This is a great idea and we’ll definitely add the component weights to their respective product pages. We’ll also add buoyancy values for the fully assembled enclosures. Check back in a few days!


(Harold Scadden) #5


That is awesome. The information will go a long way helping people determine how much payload they can carry and how much foam etc. to use to offset weight.