Video won't record

Hi this is my first time posting on the chat group page. Just last week I began to have issues with Windows closing down when I was deploying our ROV2. The tablet closed down and when I started it up again and tried to connect Qgroundcontrol to the ROV, which was still underwater I was not able to in the field. I have since been able to connect to the ROV via Qgroundcontrol at home but now I am unable to save video footage. I have done all the suggested fixes from this forum, reinstalled windows 10, updated Qgroundcontrol to latest version 4.2.1, and even changed video recording settings, but no success. I can press the red record button on the screen to activate recording but when I look in the video folder no file has been saved. Also, now the video image on screen is very laggy and it pixilates when I move the camera up and down, which did not happen previously. Any suggested fixes warmly appreciated.

Hi @Sjdalts, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Where are you looking for the videos? I expect they’re likely recording to Documents/QGroundControl Daily/Videos, in which case they won’t appear if you’re checking in Documents/QGroundControl/Videos.

I would also recommend trying the different video decoding options in the Application Settings, in case one of them works better than the default.

Note also that our latest recommended version at the moment is still 4.1.7, so it may be worth trying that instead to see if it works better.

If none of that is helpful, are you running Companion? BlueOS will hopefully work better.

Hi Eliot, thanks for your quick response. Regarding your comments I don’t see the Daily/Videos folder under the QGroundControl folder within Documents only the This PC/Document/QGroundControl/Video pathway, which is were previous recording files were located. I will install version 4.1.7 version, do you suggest I delete all other versions first? Will deleting these versions have a impact on the ROV settings if deleted first?

I have no experience with Companion, do you suggest running the ROV under this software platform rather than QGroundControl?

Thanks a million



It’s not a Daily folder inside the QGroundControl folder, it’s a QGroundControl Daily folder instead of the QGroundControl folder. In your Documents folder there are most likely two folders, QGroundControl (for the older versions), and QGroundControl Daily (for QGC >= 4.1).

Really the Stable releases shouldn’t be presenting themselves as Daily, but that’s an issue with the way the latest QGroundControl releases have been made, that we’re having to deal with the results of.

You can if you want ( → less chance of accidentally opening one you didn’t mean to), but it’s not a requirement. I do a fair amount of testing with different versions, so I tend to have several installed at once and I just rename the executables to include the version number.

Application settings (e.g. topside computer video decoding, the port it expects to receive video on, etc) will be impacted (if you’ve changed them), but vehicle settings are stored on the vehicle itself so should be unaffected.

Companion is the software that runs on the onboard computer (Raspberry Pi) inside the ROV. We’ve recently released BlueOS, which replaces Companion. That’s described more in the link in my original comment :slight_smile:

QGroundControl is the control software that runs on the topside computer, and is unrelated to Companion/BlueOS.

In case it’s of interest: