Video stream keep refreshing and cannot setup stream

Hey all,

Struggling to understand what is going on with the streaming tab. It keeps refreshing rather annoyingly.

The camera is a fairly generic camera with a H.264 with sensor IMX323. This is a camera that definitely works with the raspberry pi.

I am sure that the camera works and also confident that the Raspberry Pi has enough power (it’s using my laptop charger) so power is not the issue.

Can you explain why I am getting such a weird behaviour on the blueOS interface? Added a video in order to get some help as it’s hard to describe.

Sometimes I can get to add the stream but I am either seeing timeouts or unable to add the stream.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @ricardosobral, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That “refreshing” behaviour is not expected. From your video it seems like the whole camera manager is failing (since all the stream options are disappearing, not just the ones for your USB camera).

Can you check the video manager logs in the Terminal page (ctrl+b, s, then press up to get to video manager)? It would be helpful if you could share a screen recording of those logs with the Video Streams page open in a separate window, and manually reload the Video Streams webpage.

It would also be helpful if you could provide and/or check your system log files, in case the camera is repeatedly losing connection or something.

Thanks. Started with a fresh install and now seems to be working. Logs didn’t show anything weird either.

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