Video glasses or headset for viewing screens in daylight

Hi all,
I am exploring the use of ROV for video and sonar work and am struggling to see laptop images during daylight hours. This may have already been discussed and I apologise if it has but, can anyone recommend some form of glasses or headset (not virtual reality) that can be plugged into a laptop/ windows tablet to allow good viewing of sonar/ video images whilst working at the waters edge in daylight.
Thanks in advance.


I use DJI sometimes: Flying with FPV googles? Multiple VR googles in "live" feed? - #7 by ROV


Thanks Bo,

I was hoping there would be a cheaper option with simple video goggles or a head set as mentioned in the post you refer too. I’m researching options and it is very difficult to get manufacturers to provide trial products which i need to do before the bosses OK the product.
You cant even visit a shop anymore to look at these things as everything is on-line. Very frustrating!

In your experience Bo do the the DJI goggles prove better in daylight for viewing sonar images and video?


Since they cut all light out, you have a dark enviroment and can work in any light.

What you are looking for is googles that have input from your computers graphic port; HDMI, DVI, or maybee USB 3. As long as your operating system and hardware can handle googles as an external display.

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Hi @Stanna, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This isn’t an area I have experience in, but it might be helpful to search the forum for terms like “FPV goggles” and the like.

Just to clarify, are you after something that

  1. is just like a normal monitor/screen that happens to cover your eyes, or
  2. is specifically see-through / augmented reality, with the screen component as an overlay over your normal vision (i.e. it doesn’t stop you from looking at the real world around you at the same time)

If you’re unable to find specifically what you’re after, you may wish to consider alternative visibility enhancers like a brighter screen and/or a laptop sunshade, or possibly even just polarised sunglasses :slight_smile:

Its whatever is best to be able to see the images - especially sonar. So my thinking is something that blocks out all daylight so you can study every detail of the image that is being viewed (SAR operations).

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.

Hi Dave

Like you I’m also investigating this and thought I’d send a list of where I am so far but still a work in progress.

  1. Eachine EV100 Analog FPV goggles. These are the cheapest/most comfortable FPV goggles. Drawback is only give a small image but will take a HDMI output from a PC and useable if you squint. Requires a few cables, video convertor and batteries etc which is a bit messy. Might be a little more ergonomic and if you used a 5.8GhZ transmitter to output you PC screen. Just checked and these were about AUD$100 a few weeks ago but seemed to have doubled in price!
  2. Quest 2 Headset - less expensive than regular FPV googles and you can view your PC screen. Can be configured so that you can view your surroundings without taking them off. A little cumbersome though and not really designed for door use. Does work although found the PC screen visibility sub optimal.
  3. Android Phone. There is a ‘Screen Mirroring’ option in the advanced settings that you can use to mirror your PC screen to your Android phone. Then just buy a cheap VR headset for your phone (~$20). Havent tried this as have not been able to get this setting to work on my Samsung S23 but hope springs eternal bro!
  4. Small tablet PC mounted on a GoPro Chest mount. Just putting together some clips and straps etc to try this at the moment but having the screen closer to your eyes and wearing a wide-brimmed hat may make this the best option eva. Leaves your hands free to operate the xbox controls and manipulate the tether as well as good situational awareness but need to outdoor proof my Dell 2in1 13" tablet PC first!
  5. Beach Towel (any print design). Cheapest option that you drape over your head and laptop. SHould work perfectly although haven’t tried this either but only because I dont want to look completely silly :rofl:

The last option is actually cheaper, working as an old street photographer with a hand-cranked camera, :joy:. I wonder if anyone here has ever worked that way.
I’ve also been looking for a solution to improve the screen visibility under the sun. The option of using VR goggles does concern me a bit, as the operator loses their peripheral vision and the joystick view (we usually work in hazardous areas). My initial choice would be some kind of monitor cover that provides a shaded area for the screen.
At some point, I saw a completely enclosed cabin (made of some portable fabric), but that’s not an option for us either, since it gets really hot when we work under the sun. We’re still searching for the best solution…

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If you’re ok with larger options you might want to search for things like “camping canopy”, “popup canopy”, and “portable sun shade” :slight_smile:

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We use blackout curtains on rods. We usually can have two sides with the sun blocked and the other two sides to look outside for boats that could cut our tether.

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I recently came across this, which may be of interest for laptop users:


Any goggles with an hdmi input will work. I’ve used something similar to this with good results.

I don’t use them anymore because on a rocking boat they make me terribly sea sick.

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You might consider the FEELWORLD DSLR Camera Field Monitors.

Take a look at the Amazon link for more info and reviews:

I also got from Amazon the SummitLink Sunshade 7" Hood ( $7.99 ).


I am recommending Xreal Air 2/Pro glasses. The “AR” glasses acts like an external FHD monitor and it is plug and play to our notebook.

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I also recommend these but you will need a USB-C video that has both display and power output port (V3 like thunderbolt etc.). The pro version of the AIR 2 @knarotama refers to are particularly good as has a tap off function to turn off the display and see around you. All versions provide good situational awareness though, so you can easily manage the tether, monitor boat traffic and view the PC display.