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Oculus Quest 2 for extra monitors

Has anyone tried using VR goggles such as the Oculus Quest 2 using a virtual desktop setup to display programs (Qgroundcontrol, Pingviewer, I use USBL software, etc…). This would eliminate sun glare and might be a practical solution on smaller boats with no space for extra monitors


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I have DJI Goggles, I use them when i have to. They work great if the glare is bad, They connect to the HDMI port on my computer. But They are a little bulky, and if you are moving around on the boat you have the connection Cable to deal with . also you have to be aware of goings on around you such as tether getting hung on prop, or other boaters running over the tether Etc. It is best to have somebody with you for a lookout, because you are totaly immersed inside the Goggles. They have a 6 hr battery life and a SD slot for a card.

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Thanks for the info!

We usually have one guy 100% on tether duties. One big issue with the Oculus is the headtracking. If the boat is rolling I believe the virtual screens will roll as well which may be hard to stay focused.
I think I can also network the Oculus and wirelessly transmit the screen however, the battery life is ~2hoursish so it would need to be plugged into something anyways.

Do you get sea sick at all wearing the goggles?

I have never got Sick, I have read on other Forums where some people have gotten Nauseated, but i never have. I do not use my goggles all the time, only when i have to,They take a bit of getting used to though. I have been there and done the Glare thing and i know how frustrating it is, They also make Monitor hoods for Laptops , Amazon has them, but i tried them and was not happy. There is a few videos on YouTube about the DJI, but i do not know about Oculus.

Good Luck