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Using VR headset (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) to supervise the BlueROV2?

(Michael Gobin) #1


I was wondering how easy and convenient it would be to use a VR headset to supervise the BlueROV2. I think about this solution to have good video quality in high luminosity / outdoor conditions, where you can hardly see your laptop’s screen …

From a technical point of view, would the connection be easy on a BlueROV2 with advanced electronics ?

From a practical point of view, what solution would you recommend ? Oculus Rift and HTC Vive a wayyyy too expensive for the usage we are targetting. I’m not going to put 30% of the ROV cost in the headset … are there other solutions ? Just for fun, can we easily stream the ROV’s video to a smartphone and use a cheap VR headset for smartphone without loosing image quality or getting too much lag ?

Thanks for your advice …




(Jacob) #2

If you are using an analog camera, then this is trivial. You can use any number of ‘fpv’ headsets targeted at RC hobbyists. I have used the quanum headset (~$50) from hobbyking for just this task. This approach is not ‘virtual reality’ or 3D with two cameras, rather a single camera sending a video feed to a small monitor mounted in front of your face. This approach is probably as good as it gets to shade the sun.

If you want this non-3d feed to move with your head movements, that is also possible, but will take some additional hardware and understanding of ArduSub source code. To get true virtual reality with 3d an head tracking is a whole new realm that I have not played with, and would certainly take a lot of effort.


(Michael Gobin) #3

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your reply. The version I have ordered comes with the Advanced electronics, so I suppose that I won’t get analog output. From a functional point of view, as a starting point I don’t intend to have 3D capability or movement follow-up. I just want to get rid from external sunlight that could be annoying for a proper visualization. Obviously, if the system allows for it, 3D and tracking would be a great future upgrade. But that’s not the point today …