Using a VR Headset for ROV operation

If like me you have been on the back of a boat trying to see the screen while navigating the ROV, then try using a VR headset. Its just like being inside a large cinema with a house sized screen in front of you.

I use an Oculus 2 which connects to the computer using the Virtual Desktop app. The connection requires Wi-Fi, so I use Windows Mobile hotspot which annoyingly wants an Internet connection to turn on which may not be available offshore. To get around this, I use the NoWiFi app which is a free download on the Microsoft Store. Note, the VR Headset and computer must be on the same network.

Once connected, you can use the computers Multiple Desktops or why not attach a Camera Field Monitor to a spare video output to get a dual screen. The VR headset can view this while another operator is looking at the primary screen – very useful when using multiple programs.
If you need help with setting this up, then drop me a line.


The picture of the ROV and display case is exactly what I want to purchase someday soon. Did you build your own display Case? If not, where did you get?

Also, what is all included on your ROV?



Hi Dan, I built it myself (I have designed and built similar items in the past) after going on a few ROV trips where cables were coming out of laptops, people had towels over thier heads trying to see the screen and there was no mains supply for the multiple power adaptors.
In the next few weeks I will put together a guide on what components I used to help others.

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Thank you for the reply Andy.

I am in the beginning stages of starting my SAR organization. Since I am putting together my financial plan, I need to decide which way to go with a professional looking and operating control system like yours.

If you are willing to share build log, documentation etc. on you system that would be great. I am willing to pay for the info.

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I use a set of FPV goggles for exactly this reason. They can be far more low profile than VR goggles, and are built for outdoors use unlike VR goggles. There’s a slight resolution penalty with current-gen OLED panel options but the improved contrast is worth it.


Thanks for the guide. I have a first generation Oculus that I have been thinking about trying to use with my ROV. Right now I solved the sunlight problem with pulling a blanket over my head and the computer (as you mentioned in a comment). It’s nice when it’s cold out since it traps some of the computer heat, and it’s also nice if someone else want to watch too since they can sit next to me under the blanket.

The headset might be more professional, especially if you could mirror the display to a few headsets and let your customers each borrow one for the dive.

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Hi Dan, I always like to help any search & rescue group. I will be productionizing the topside control over the next week weeks as I have a lot of people interested so I will keep you updated on progress.

One idea is that I could supply a kit of parts as there are a few variants that people want.


Andy Marsh MSc | Project Director
MarineSee Ltd
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I will be eagerly awaiting anything you can share or offer!

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Hi Dan, I am around 95% finished with the productionisation of the BlueROV Portable Console and have already handed the long lead items to the manufacturers so I hope to release it next week. There seems to be a lot of interest!


Honestly I can see why. The system you have in the picture is awesome. What more could most people want.

Just a side note. I have been researching the site to see what people are doing to add side scan sonar and multi axis manipulators to their ROVs. These are tools that would be valuable for SAR operations. Integration of these into the control package is what I have also been looking for. I wouldn’t mind though if it would be an individual control and visual monitoring if that was the case.

Anyway, thanks for all you are doing.