Flying with FPV googles? Multiple VR googles in "live" feed?

…im been thinking about SAR operations, and things you do outside, and places where you cant make a decent control"room", have seen people use Monitors outside?.. cost me 2 whole days searching for a person in a totally wrong place, that was in a little pond(5m deep), but the “drone” pilot didnt see him? so bad light/monitor can cause a lot of exstra problems!.. Soo, have anyone tryed to use FPV goggles , and how you connect?, latency?, any experience? …also, is it possible to connect multiple VR googles to a live feed?(the cheap ones for phones)… latency can easy be 1-2 sek… its for showing kids around the seabed? …any thoughts… this is out of my field of experience (actually never tryed VR or FPV, so maby this is the day)…but any advises would be nice :wink:

I haven’t used FPV goggles. But I use a little HDMI splitter for a monitor, and supply a live feed for video capture. No latency. When I’m outside in the sun, I use a Panasonic CF-31.

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ok…why a splitter?(is it for the live feed?)…l i use a 27 curved monitor and connect directly to my pc?) …in low light in a SAR you Need to see all contours on the seabed, and all shades and shapes, especially in mercy water:) so my question is in a way, can i jst plug in VR or FPV (thats radiosignals as i understand?) and use? …and what is the difference in quality for this use?.. just use Vr for phones or FPV?.. i had a commodore 64 in my youth, and thats about what i know about gaming;D(and i used for two weeks and got boored)…so this is not my field, but i see potential, and to show kids the world under water, hopefylly with 360 cam ;):wink:

I use these when doing outreach with kids, they dig it. There are more expensive and better options but these get the job done and are super bright. Stay away from cinimizer goggles, they are expensive and can’t handle the saltwater environment.

You can add a second pair with a hdmi splitter. I have a refurbished Toughbook with a very bright screen. You can see it even in direct sunlight but the resolution is not as good as in the goggles. You pick up a lot more detail in the goggles but they do induce seasickness for many, the ones I linked to are nice because you can see above and below them to watch the tether and what not.

You may also want to look into field screens for photographers. You want to get as many NITS as you can afford and HD.

360 is awesome and you see a lot more. I made an enclosure for the garmin 360 VIRB with BlueROV parts that hangs off the bottom of the ROV. I can go into more detail on my 360 set up if you like. It’s still a work in progress but I’m getting close to having it figured out. You need 360 degrees of light which will be my next upgrade. 360 SLJ 4 24 19 - YouTube. Since this video I put the 360 enclosure on a slide so it doesn’t hit the bottom so hard and let in water like in this video. Warning though. 360 takes a lot of bandwidth to play in 4K and forever to upload. I’m not so sure enough people have the bandwidth to take advantage of it. Its really fun to play on your phone in VR though. It’s like your swimming with the fish, huge impression when doing outreach.


…would really like you to tell me moore, bec what you decribe is what i have imagined, and i have a friend that have a activitycentre, and there is a Good tide current and a Lot of life, så to offer this to kids would be amazing;)

I have tried DJI Googles, works pretty nice.
Full HD on both eyes.
They have a wired HDMI input for connection to the computer.
Price around 400$

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ok :wink: tnx i have seen thoose :wink: