Video drop out on startup

Our camera feed does not start regularly when QGroundcontrol starts. We have been able to get video but only after rebooting and/or disconnecting the battery. Has anyone had this problem and what’s the solution?

Hi @egarriso,

You’ve provided very little context here, so it’s difficult to provide meaningful advice.

If possible, please update to the latest recommended versions of the software and firmware you’re using. From there, if the issue is still present please specify which software you’re using, and describe the problem in some more detail (e.g. is the telemetry still coming through while the video is not present? Is the web interface available?)

We have updated our software but the video feed from the vehicle is slow to connect. We boot the system and get the “waiting for video” message. We reboot the software and this sometimes works but lately we have had to disconnect and reconnect the battery before we get a video link. We have had some leakage into our battery enclosure lately so we are looking at the connections. On the software front we dropped back a release and got better connectivity. Our ROV is 2021 vintage.

Assuming this hasn’t yet been sorted out, it is likely best handled via the support email (

If you email them, please specify:

  1. Your operating system (e.g. Windows 10, macOS 12.6)
  2. Your Control Station Computer software (e.g. QGroundControl 4.2.4)
  3. Your Onboard Computer software (e.g. BlueOS 1.0.1, Companion 0.0.31)
  4. Whether telemetry is coming through to QGroundControl (e.g. the vehicle attitude and depth)
  5. How long you are waiting for the video before giving up / retrying (the vehicle can take a couple of minutes to turn on)
  6. The order number (or at least rough order date) for your ROV

Thanks Eliot.