Varia on weed guards

Is there a general consensus about weed guards? I mean, are they helping only slightly, medium or a lot to avoid thrusters problem?

How much of trust do we lost? From what I read, it seem that this is not really a problem?

Some design I saw have protectors on both side of the motor while other are only on one side. Since we usually go forward and backward with our rov, why not using both side protectors?

I already saw the design made by others on the forum. no need to link them :). I just want to educate my self about this. I fly in lakes where weeds are abundant and difficult to see until it’s too late. I am looking for guards that migth give me a little more time before I lost a thruster. A failsafe “weeds escaping” solution rather than a 100% weeds proof solution (this don’t exist anyway!).

thank you

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Not sure it would be useful but I had toyed with the idea of epoxying a small razor blade section to the motor-side impellor blade housing to reduce risk of fouling by fishing line (a personal phobia of mine!).

Not sure I want to try it with the BlueROV but have seen people do this on boat propellers and something like this might work for weeds as well?

Just a thought but let me know back here if you try it!