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UV transparent Lens for Subsea Lights

Is the Lens dome of the Subsea Lights are UV transparent? If not specifically, any suggestions for where/how I could get a pair of UV transparent acrylic/plastic lens (or dome caps) to purchase or have machined?

@EspReSso That isn’t really something we have tested. The lenses are injection molded acrylic.

Appreciate it Kevin, I might have to do some experimenting.

This company did custom 8"dia 1/2"-wall acrylic hemispheres for my ROV build. They would be able to help you.

Appreciate that Darrell, there is a chance the Acrylic on the Subsea might work for an UV emitter, but if by chance they do not might be worth talking with them. Thanks.

I’m not sure tht exact distance, but uv light itself penetrates water poorly- not as bad as infrared or radio waves, but enough that I’m curious as to you application?

Agreed, one objective is to push the most UV LED possible within a Subsea or similar enclosure footprint and power requirements, such as a 6w LG. The primary purpose of our Cave ROVer is scientific research and data, so even if it is only close observation fluorescence, it is still valuable data.