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4" Enclosure Acrylic Type?

(Brent) #1

What type of acrylic is used in the 4" series enclosures? I am trying to use an enclosure to house a uv light for imaging but it looks like the UV is possibly being filtered out.

(Rusty) #2

Hi Brent,

I believe the acrylic is some formulation of the “Plexiglass” brand. According to their general information:

Plexiglas sheet absorbs the shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) energy , but transmits most of the longer wavelengths (those near the visible region)

I can probably find the exact datasheet if you’re interested. The dome is made with a different formulation if you are using that.


(Brent) #3

Yes, standard acrylic should transmit the UV we are emitting. I’m guessing that the acrylic being used is possibly one of the UV rejecting types due to sun exposure.

If you wouldn’t mind sending me the datasheet I would greatly appreciate it, the dome information may also be helpful for future reference but we are currently only emitting light through the sides of the tube.


Thank you,


(Rusty) #4


Alright. I asked the supplier for the datasheet and I’ll post it here if I can get it.


(Rusty) #5


The datasheet is attached. Hopefully this helps.



cast-acrylic-rodtube-data-sheet (314 KB)

(Brent) #6

Thanks, it looks like the tubing doesn’t transmit UV, at least not at 320nm or below.