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Paint Watertight Enclosure


Sorry for my english,
I need to paint my acrylics tubes, because we have to hide the electronic inside the tube, but we must to see some LED indications.

What sort of paint to apply on the acrylic tubes ? Someone as already done it?

Thank you for your help.

I’m not sure about painting the tubes, but I slid a piece of vellum paper inside the tube. Vellum is very heat resistant, and it’s translucent, so the LEDs are still visible.


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Good idea, of more you can easily print a logo, indicate the location of a switch or instruction.
I will test, but the finish should look professional.

Seemingly, to paint acrylic, it’s necessary to aply a special base coat for plastics. But i don’t find informations about salt water resistance.

This is what I use as a primer or base coat not sure if you can get this where you live you may have other brands. Keep in mind that when you paint plastics with powerful paints you are altering there molecular structure, In fact in some safety hats there are warnings that if you paint or even draw on them with a marker you lose the guaranty.

What sort of paint did you use on the fairings? They look good.

You could make a full fairing cover. Mine is translucent but pretty clear when wet. It also stiffens up the frame.


Thank you for your help,
Yes i think i will use this solution, i can find it in my country, no problem for that.
Do you use it in clear or salt water ? Since how many time did you paint your acrylic tubes ?

Thank you Joe, i use the acrylic tube without vehicle. But yes, you can find a lot advantages like more protection and other look.

I don’t use it on acrylic tubes I use it on a fibreglass hull but this stuff is for plastics so you should be ok with it and my cruft runs in salt water, The fibreglass hull on the far left is painted with the stuff,

I used Tamiya polycarbonate paint from the local hobby shop.


Scratches will show the underlying color (blue).

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