USV waypoints going in circle

We have configured our USV to work with the FLYSKY controller so in manual mode we can control it to go forward and backward, left and right but when we put it in guided mode and allocate a waypoint for it to go to, it only goes in a circle. We are unsure of why this is? Any help is welcomed.

Hi @lunzzii -
You may have an issue with either the vehicle compass calibration, or the mapping of the channels.

Assuming you are using a “skid steer” vessel with differential thrust used to control heading, the ArduRover documentation details what channel / setting is necessary for the left and right channel. If you have these reversed, you may have fixed mapping via your RC Flysky controller, but the autopilot doesn’t use this when trying to drive!

Otherwise, when driving manually, how does the compass and GPS data react? You may need to set the autopilot orientation correctly, or move any high-current carrying wires away from the flight controller if the readings are affected by throttle levels. Calibrating the compass and accelerometer may also correct the issue!

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