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Using the T-100 Coil and Rotor for Pumping Blood


We’re a team of mechanical engineers in Egypt working on a biomedical project of a Left Ventricular Assist Device, which is mainly a pump that pumps blood and is implanted through the heart. We were looking for a motor that is both small and can go up to 4000 RPM.

I participated in the MATE ROV competition twice and I thought about using the T-100 motor for this, but the main issue is that the pump will be touching blood but the coils won’t be, so we were wondering whether the motor will stop working if it’s not lubricated by blood or water; is there a solution or a suggestion for this, cuz we really need that motor for our project, it’s the most compact we found for the implantation in the patient’s body.

Is the main reason for the T-100’s incapability to work outside of water due to lubrication? or it for priming? Please help us out.

Hi @ValyrianSeif,

Our products are not intended for any sort of medical purposes, and should not be used in this way! Our products are designed and intended for use in marine applications.

I would suggest looking at motors intended for medical applications, such as those available from Maxon.

There are innumerable far more compact motors than the T/M100 capable of operating at over 4000 RPM, including those available from Maxon.

Full immersion in water is required for operation of our thrusters, this both lubricates and cools the plastic bearings, as well as cools the stator (windings). If run dry, the bearings will heat up and be damaged within seconds, and possibly cause other greater damage to the motor. Our thrusters and motors should never be run dry.


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Hey Adam, thanks for replying and for the suggestion of course.

We looked up the Maxon motors, of course they’re compact and efficient enough for the application we’re trying to make but the cost of the motor is out of our budget, which is why we started thinking about the T-100 or your motor on your website which is no longer being produced nor sold as I recall.

Thanks for clarifying that we can’t use it this way, however we’d still appreciate it if there was another suggestion with a cost similar to that of the T-100 thruster price range.

Why couldn’t you just use a tiny ‘drone’ motor, brushless of course. Coat the stator windings with epoxy resin fiberglass thinned with denatured alcohol. Maybe replace the stock bearings with ceramic ones. Use the epoxy resin to coat the ESC board as well.

I assume this would be implanted into a body. My suggestion would be, use Zahi Hawass as a test subject…lol.

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