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Use of lubricants on T100


Is it alright to use lubricants like WD40 to lubricate the T100 thrusters.
My T100 thruster need a little push every time i get them in water before working normally.
So i used WD40 to lubricate the thrusters internally. Is that okay? and also is that need of a push a normal behaviour for the thruster?

Electrically it would probably be fine as long as the motors weren’t damaged, but WD40 isn’t considered safe for polycarbonate, so you could get some cracking. Maybe something silicone based?

Hi @marmik18,

You should not need to and should not be using any lubricants with your thruster, it is water lubricated. Many lubricants are not plastic safe, and can damage the thruster base rand/or bearings.

If you thrusters do not start on their own, there is something else wrong. Do they turn freely when you spin them by hand? Have you taken them apart to see if there is anything jammed inside?


i had the same thing it was the truster" innside its was som rust that is building up under the magnet i was told it wold be like that becaus the truster was a chep build and we just ned to expect it to hapen ! only thing is to be super good and run the truster inn fresh whater tank mine is used inn salt whater thoe