Using M200 with different ESC

Good morning,
I bought 2 M200 motors in order to use them with my esc, which has a PWM range from 1100 to 1900 us, can handle up to 30A and can drive motors in both directions. The problem is that when I reach the 1546 us the effective speed of the motor doesn’t change even changing the PWM signal up to 1900us. The same happens with a PWM signal under 1420us. Can anyone help me?

Can you share a link to your ESC product page or documentation?
It uses the standard blheli_s firmware

This ESC is designed to control four brushless motors at the same time and you only have two M200 motors attached to the ESC and that could be your problem?
This also might be part of your problem: The resolution varies between hardware configurations (MCU clock speed and driver type), and is between a nominal 512 steps and 2048 steps.


I don’t think that the 4 in 1 feature is a problem, because they work as 4 different and you can control them as if they are 4 different, even flashing 4 different firmwares
I think that neither the second point is the answer, because I measured the PWM signal with an oscilloscope and it was perfect

I can’t find any documentation for the ESC or for the firmware. It sounds like they need to be calibrated or something.

The firmware is BLHeli_S
For the calibration I already did it with the BLHeli suite, with is an interface to reprogram the esc

Also attaching the oscilloscope between ground and one of the three wire of the motor, after a certain value the square wave doesn t change

It sounds like that would be the problem. How are you generating PWM?

Whoops, I thought you were testing the PWM signal here, not the motor output. This sounds like you are missing something with the ESC configuration or setup. You should ask for help with your ESCs from the supplier or in one of the RC forum threads regarding the BLHeli firmware.

I’m still curious how you are generating PWM.

You might check the reviews of blue ESC escapes. It seems they are all not linear and the trust curve rolls off at the top end.

I was looking here.

This is the _S version but I suspect it’s the same for the older models.

Hi Simone, did you find a solution to this issue? We are experiencing the same problem. Best, Tim