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USBL motion sensor data

(Michael Woodman) #1

Hi Blue Robotics team,

I’ve started to make a Raspberry Pi 3 IMU using the Adafruit sense hat. (great bit of kit!). My technical question is, my USBL software requires pitch and roll data to be displayed in -90 to +90 format, while the sense hat IMU is referenced from 0 to 360 for its output. Can any one suggest a Node red - node, where I could do the function to normalize the sense hat output so my software is happy. All the remaining inputs are done, gps compass ect.

I am trying to help a friend track and survey reference, the destruction of a local reef by crown of thorn starfish on the Great Barrier Reef. I’m planning to put a clump weight on my old second hand responder and mark a gps position on a map. The IMU will increase the position accuracy, fingers crossed it can reduce pitch and roll errors from the boat.


Thanks for your help - Mick



(Jacob) #2

Hi Michael,

It sounds like you need to perform a relatively simple calculation. I have no experience with Node red, I’ve never heard of it until now.

Are you having trouble with how to actually calculate the conversion, or on where to put the code?