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Unsupported Depth/Pressure Sensor

I’m trying to connect Keller Series30/40 to Pixhawk1. This device responds data on RS485 line, I think we could use Serial4/5 to get data through TTL- rs485 converter. Could you give me anyway for this?
Thank a lot.

You will have to write a software driver for it in the autopilot software.

There is an i2c driver for the keller sensor in our Bar100 that you can use for a starting point.

So I use this
hal.scheduler->register_delay_callback(FUNCTOR_BIND_MEMBER(&AP_Baro_KellerSeries30::_timer,void), 50);
for callback AP_KellerSeries30::_timer() but have an error FUNCTOR_BIND_MEMBER.
Please give me some instruction.
Thanks a lot.