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Underwater Robotics Online Training - REMARO project

EIVA alongside the REMARO team - a consortium of recognized submarine AI experts, are working together in a research project to realize the vision of reliable autonomy for underwater applications. The REMARO project attacks one of the most pressing problems of modern computing, the safety of AI, in the well defined context of submarine robotics.

As part of the project the team will be hosting the following online course (free) in underwater robotics.

Here is the program at a glance:
– Introduction to the workshop and Challenges in Underwater Robotics
– Modeling of Underwater Vehicles
– Actuation Modalities and Control Architectures
– Advanced Research Topics

To sign-up please visit

Underwater Robotics 1 – Online Training by DFKI


Hi @NaviSuiteMobula,

This looks really interesting - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Do you know if the session will be recorded so people can watch it afterwards if they miss the session? :slight_smile:

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