WELCOME! Let's chat STEM!

Hey there!

Welcome to the brand new STEM forum category, a hub for all things marine robotics and education! Since the beginning, Blue Robotics has focused on the importance of education. We have been committed to advancing marine robotics and underwater exploration by providing affordable, high-quality components and systems to inspire students, educators, and researchers. Throughout the years, our education initiatives have evolved… anyone remember Classroom Collaborators? We’ve always supported the robotics competitions and offered educational discounts, but we’ve been exploring what our education support looks like outside of that.

We are super stoked to introduce BlueSTEAM Ahead, an innovative educational initiative designed to bring cutting-edge marine technology directly into the hands of educators and students AKA we are bringing marine robotics to the classrooms! We have a new education page where we dive deeper into that, but we plan on sharing some of our updates here - field trips, MATE Competitions, BlueROV2 dives, and more!

But we don’t want this forum category to be all about us!!! We want to learn about YOU - the educators, the students, the parents, the club coaches, and anyone else interested in STEM! We can’t wait to chat with you!


Nic, thanks for kicking this off!

I’m happy to tell the group a little about BlueSTEAM Ahead! Our goal is to expose more STEM students, beyond the robotics clubs, to marine technology. The BlueROV2 is an excellent tool for subsurface study. It’s also a great project for the robotics club to build then provide to STEM classes like Marine Biology or Environmental Studies. The science students can use the ROV as a “window into the underwater realm.” They can collaborate to design new experiments and build new technology to study the marine environment. We offer schools and clubs a 15% discount on most of our products. With BlueSTEAM Ahead, we are also developing curriculum for both the science and robotics classrooms writing guides on the use of our BlueROV2 in the science classroom.

I’d like to hear your thoughts or share content!


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