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Underwater Mapping Applications

We are going to be presenting at an upcoming Geomatics conference on the BlueROV and our related work with UAVs for aerial mapping.

Was wondering if anyone has done any underwater mapping to date with the BlueROV systems and if they had any information they could possibly share in terms of how the system work for this application and any of the issues and challenges involved.

We have some general items to cover and this will be fairly short and high level but any info you may be willing to share would be appreciated.

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Please this discusion

@schoonerlabs The system may be used for this. I had a project involving photogrammetry on reefs, I’ll have to fetch the presentations, though. When is the date of your project?

I have done some bathymetry with LOWRANCE.

I have installed the go pro under, but the photos are very bad due to the depth of more of 10 feet and the water was so milky.

here the video with the results of the bathy