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Photogrammetry Bluerov

Finally we did some enhancement to our bluerov.

And results [CLICK


Wow that 3d model is awesome! Would you mind explaining your setup a little? Looks like 4-5 cameras on the ROV, . Were they all used to make the model? What software do you use?

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Very nice work, what software did you use to stitch it together?

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It’s nice to see more BlueROVs in Croatia :smiley:
Impressive work, I would also like to hear more about the software!

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Hello to all… This project was done in Agisoft… but it isn’t about software, more about camera setup and clearing pictures (preprocessing).

Framerate, bitrate, megapixels, 3d print and finally in this case Agisoft :smiley:

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Any more info on the camera settings? Frame rate (assuming stills), resolution, etc…

How long did you have to fly around to gather the data?

What was the visibility?

Was there any artificial light? Or just natural?

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Seconded. This is really interesting and it’d be great to have some more details on the parts used!

I have nothing to say but, Wow!.. awesome work.



Awesome !

I’m a bit late to the party, but wow! Will echo others here and ask for more insight into the camera setup and processing workflow. I’ve been trying to do some BlueROV2 photogrammetry myself, and am looking at how best to do it with only one or two GoPro cameras at the moment.






Wow, this is fantastic work. My goal is for photogrammetry also, amazing job and inspiring