Elevating BlueROV with Photogrammetry

Hi Blue Robotics team and community !

I’m super excited to share a new compatible product with you today!

At IVM, we make 3D modeling solutions based on stereo photogrammetry and we have designed something really special for BlueROV users, and I think you might be interested in it.

Let me introduce you to Hydro 100 - our 3D modelling solution designed specifically for your BlueROV (it is also compatible with other vehicles but it fits right inside the payload skid). We have worked hard to bring you something that has a real potential for boosting subsea inspections, have a look.

Check by yourself the video and the Sketchfab model:

So how do you imagine using the Hydro 100 in your subsea adventures ? Feel free to share around you.



Dear All,

We have been noticed that the Sketch Fab link of the previous post is not working, nobody nows why!

SketchFab Model

Enjoy moving around this quay, and sorry for inconvenience!


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