Modifying BlueROV2 for bathymetric multibeam


We are looking into buying a BlueROV2 and modifying it to become suitable as a survey platform. We have an R2Sonic Sonic2024 high resolution bathymetric multibeam and a Sonardyne SprintNav Mini INS/DVL. The vehicle will also be fitted with a Kongsberg cNode Micro transponder providing absolute underwater positioning to the INS from a Kongsberg HiPAP USBL.
Has anyone done this type of build before or know of a good builder in Europe who might be able to assist with design and modification of such a vehicle?
Thanks in advance!

Andrew (Voice of the Ocean Foundation, Sweden)

I am based in Gothenburg, Sweden and can give you some hints.
You find me via

Hi Andrew,
We use to work with the sensors you mentioned on other vehicles and also we have modified BR2’s for the communication bandwidth and energy needed for such a payload. So, the major challenge will be the weigh and volume needed for the sensors’ payload integration but sounds an exciting one.
Feel free to reach us at
Kind regards, Angelos

Hi Bo and Angelos,

Thank you for reaching out. I have responded to each of you directly via email.

Hopefully chat soon


Hi Andrew,
I work for a marine survey company here in the US. We use R2Sonic MBES units exclusively along with a large variety of USBL systems and other sensors. I’ve thought about building an ROV like the one you have in mind for those situations where we want good data in a place that’s too deep to reach from a surface vessel as we normally do. As Angelos mentioned, the weight/mass/drag challenges inherent in packaging up that much equipment into a small ROV will be tough to overcome. I’d be interested to hear more about why you want to try this and what kind of travel distances you have in mind.