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UK Based owners


Any BlueRov2 heavy owners in Uk have a unit available to use for tank based trials during end Oct , beginning Nov?

(Terry Eglinton) #2


My ROV is an adaption of the BR2 with a slightly smaller frame.

If I can help just let me know.


Hi Terry ,

Many thanks for responding , we have no experience of the BR2 and its capability to operate an inspection scope using a 5 way manipulator , do you use it for visual inspection scopes only or have you tried it for more testing workscopes.

If we can get a suitable manipulator then we would like to take you up on the offer . Will know soon.


(Terry Eglinton) #4

I use my ROV both onshore and offshore, inspections, surveys and wildlife videos. It’s a really good, stable platform.
Where in the U.K. are you based?