Advice on purchase and use of Blue ROV

Based in south Skye, Scotland and will be undertaking benthic surveys as part of our marine conservation efforts. We are considering purchasing a ready assembled blue ROV but are having difficulty locating someone locally as we are hoping to see it in operation before committing. We have no previous experience in this field so are anxious we make the right decision. Thanks.

Hi, I can give you a quote for a Bluerov 2 whit different options. Please send me email to
You can visit our web page at

Hi, I have a BR2 that I have used only 4 times off the beach in Weymouth, due mainly to work schedules. I work occasionally in Helensburgh and if schedule permitted was going to bring it with me this week. If I am here again soon, I can let you know when and where or if you are in Weymouth I am happy to show you what a complete novice does?

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Do you ever get as far south as Liverpool? We use a BlueROV2 for benthic surveys as part of undergraduate teaching. So far only in the docks, which is quite a benign environment for learning how to operate it (it’s something we’re very new to). Would be happy to show you what we do.

We also have an OpenROV 2.8, which we used for the surveys described in this paper:

Even in the very calm water in the docks, we find the extra stability of the BlueROV is a big advantage, and maintenance is much easier than for the OpenROV.

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