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Ublox GPS drifting when underwater/loss of signal

Hey Everyone!

Currently have a ROV with a ublox m8n gps chip inside.
When the ROV goes underwater the lat and long coordinates start drifting and jumping all over the place.
I know I cant get gps connection when underwater but can I make it when the gps goes underwater and losses connection the lat and long will freeze or disappear instead of moving all over the place?

Thanks for the help

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Hi Lachlan, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s a bit hard to say without knowing what hardware and software your ROV is using. Depending on how things are connected in your ROV and what you have access to, you might be able to route the GPS readings via a script that monitors the depth sensor, and stops forwarding GPS positions when below a certain depth. Ideally you would be able to put the GPS into some sort of standby mode while underwater, or at least stop asking it for readings, because that might help to save some power.

I think you could configure it at the GPS source (rather than the ROV) by using u-center. It is software for configuring GPS receivers. I’m not sure what the setting is off hand but you can configure the unit to stop reporting when there is poor signal quality. There are probably other filters in there as well that will be useful

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