Two MAVLink (type 10) rangefinders with the same orientation

We have an ROV with 2 down-facing rangefinders (Ping1D, A50 DVL). The plan was to set them both up as MAVLink rangefinders, but when I read the ArduSub code I don’t see any code that looks at to disambiguate by id. So, it seems that 2 MAVLink rangefinders with the same orientation will stomp on each other.

I can think of various workarounds, but all of them involve code changes somewhere. Am I reading this correctly?



Hi @clyde,

Yes, as far as I can tell ArduPilot does not differentiate between rangefinder instances.

In Sub-4.1 it seems there’s even a restriction to only accept downward distances.

If they’re close enough in values this could be fine, but I agree it’s sub-optimal if there’s disagreement and you want to be able to differentiate between them to know which one to trust from a consistency metric or something.