Try to build QGC but i got this LNK1181: cannot open input file 'QGCMapEngine.obj'"

Hi, everyone.
I got this error while trying to build QGCV4.2 using QT Creator 5.15.2 with MSVC 2019 64bit “LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘QGCMapEngine.obj’”. hope anyone can help.

Hi Ryan -
QGround Control can be quite difficult to deal with developing for! Our own software team has struggled with it, and supporting it for years, and we’re pushing hard in recent months to eliminate it from our vehicles completely. Have you come across Cockpit, our open-source replacement? Maybe it’s helpful in accomplishing whatever is motivating you to build QGC?

Sorry I’m not familiar with the QT build process… but hopefully someone can assist!

Hi Anthony, Thank you for your prompt response! I appreciate the information about Cockpit and will certainly explore it further. Regarding my project, I want to remap or customize the GUI of QGroundControl through Qt Creator. Specifically, I want to customize buttons, add an extra camera display, and make some modifications to the overall GUI. Since I’m not familiar with Cockpit, could you guide me on how to achieve these customizations or provide any relevant resources?
Thanks again for your support.

Hi Ryan -
To reiterate, I think our own team had many of the same dreams as you for QGroundcontrol, but came to be very frustrated with the platform. Therefore someone may be able to help, but the new direction of Cockpit may be preferrable, and it already supports custom widgets, embedded iframes, and multiple camera streams! I’m sorry I have no knowledge on how to customize QGC myself…