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Troubleshooting lights

Hi Bluerov team, one of the lights stopped working. Only the slave light(the one with only one cable) is working. The other one stopped working. For info they are on the same channel. How should we service it?

Hi @Mike12, welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear you’ve had some issues with one of our Lumen lights.

Generally things don’t stop working without being damaged/broken/disconnected in some way, so I’d recommend you try carefully disassembling the malfunctioning light to see if there’s any water ingress or corrosion, or perhaps a component that has failed. Understandably potential fixes (or replacement if relevant) will depend on the cause of failure.

Probably the best approach at this point is to take some photos of the light before disassembly, and then of the electronics once its opened. Since this is a damaged/malfunctioning product it’s likely best handled by our support team, so I’d suggest you send them an email at support@bluerobotics.com, detailing

  • how the light’s been used,
  • how it’s been powered,
  • any relevant information about what happened around the time of failure, and
  • any photos you take of the unexpected functionality and/or of potential damage points

It would also be helpful for our internal logging if you’re able to provide the order number (or at least a rough date) from when you bought it. Feel free to link to this topic in your email :slight_smile: