Transfer Function Representing Thrusters

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I’m designing PID controllers of my own that drive the BlueROV2. Is there a transfer function, like \frac{K(s+8)}{(s+3)(s+6)(s+10)} available that I can use to represent the dynamics of the thrusters? It’s okay if there isn’t. I’ll just do a trial and error procedure with finding the best gains.

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We don’t have one documented for a single thruster, because ArduSub doesn’t account for thruster properties in its vehicle control, just their direction components. The control space is over the full vehicle angles (ATC_ANG_* params) and rates (ATC_RAT_* params) - there’s some more detail in the ArduCopter Attitude Control docs.

If it’s relevant, I did a couple of forum searches and came up with the following posts, which may be useful:

By the way, I edited your example transfer function to be rendered as maths. There are instructions for how to do that in the Formatting a Post/Comment section of the “How to Use the Blue Robotics Forum” pinned post :slight_smile:

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Thank you Eliot! Those posts are very useful in helping me with my thesis and designing my PID controller. I made the mistake of saying PID controllers because I’m only designing one.

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