Top lifting hoist connection

I ordered a 24" pelican case for the rov, which will mean I have to top lift with almost nothing to grab on to. This itself is easy solve I could go as simple as just a strap under the rov not actually connect but in a u shape like old school battery pop out.

But has any one made or bought a mount that hooks to a hoist from above the rov is kinda heavy to be loading in and out. getting a wet suit I see is also a must much places where I can launch require wading in to the water a bit.

Thank you for your time.

Hi @nfored,

I’m not really sure what you mean by this - the tops of the frame walls can serve as handles, and if you’re using the Heavy Configuration you should be able to leave a gap in the case’s foam under the middle of one or both of the side thruster guards.

If you’re specifically after something to attach a hoist to, you may be able to use an enclosure clamp or similar as the basis to attach some kind of hook or carabiner to or something. This thread may also be worth a read, for some other ideas :slight_smile:

@EliotBR I had considered using the clamp as with my modifications to the electronics tray I can’t mount the WTC as designed and mine is already mounted with the 4" clamp.