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Thruster current consumption

Hi Sir/Madam,
This is Abdul Muqtadir Khan.
I am using T200 thrusters for my project. But in all the conditions I am not able to take my thruster on 30A current consumption. Kindly guide me how to test it efficiently so that I can find out if my battery has any issue. About my battery specification its 21V 40Ah with peak current 60A for 30seconds.
Waiting for your response.

Hi @abdulmuqtadir,

To see if your battery can sustain the load, measure the voltage at the battery with a multimeter under load. If there is significant voltage drop, your battery is not up to the task. It’s also a good idea to measure voltage at the ESC under load to make sure your power wires from the battery to the ESC are not to small/long and also causing excessive voltage drop.