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How much charge does the T200 consume?

Hello friends, greetings.
I am new to this world of AUVs and ROVs, I am thinking of using the T200 thruster, connected to 12V with a thrust of 2kgf, so I would have to use it at 7A and it would consume a power of 84W.
I am thinking of using a battery with 7Ah, how long will the battery last?
According to my calculations, the battery would last me a maximum of 1 hour, but I was wondering if the Basic ESC should also enter the calculation and if so, how much current it consumes with the parameters mentioned above.

Your theory is right regarding motor consumption.
On top of that is electronics like control (ESC, pixhawk etc), lights etc.
These are usually much lower than motor consumption.
Cold water lower the capacity of the battery.
Also, in pratical use you can not operate down to 0% battery, deduct say 20% margin.