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Yet another question about T200 and current

If a device need 5amp to work for 1 hour and the battery is 25amp. We assume the setup will work for about 5 hours and then there will be no more energy in the battery.

If we do the same thing with T200 and BR batterie and do this in a conservative way, I reach very low running time. See: If I have 6x T200 running at only 3A out of the 16-20A full throttle figure (thus about 20% max speed), the 6x T200 would need 18A total. With the BR battery, this is 1 hour or run time.

Is this what the users experience? With 8 thrusters, the heavy configuration would then last only 45 min. Where do math and user reality meets up?

thank you


Battery life will depend on diving conditions, what you do with the ROV etc.

For example, when doing fresh water tank survey, the ROV would last me 2.5 hours+

When I did offshore inspections with it, 30-45 minutes.

This is why surface supply is the way to go if you will be using this machine commercially.


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Interesting info. So I guess power calculation do work!


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