The maximum sea speed current

We would like to know what the maximum sea speed current that Bluerov2 manages to win, considering the 14 kgf of forward bollard thrust.
Is there any test report?

We have updated the specifications on our BlueROV2 product page. You are going to have to decide how much reserve maneuverability you want if you operate in current. For example if you operate in 1 knot of current, then you will have around 2 knots of reserve speed left at full power.

Thanks for the answer, Kevin.

Certainly we will operate in current.
As I understood, if we operate in 2 knots of current we will have around 1 knot of reserve speed left at full power. It is very good for us.
Also, I believe we could improve performance to face sea current using thrusters to 35°. What do you think? What the percentage of gain doing this?

Note: We notice the document on BlueROV2 and datasheet still needing update.

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We haven’t done a whole lot of high current testing as we don’t have any natural rivers near us and the we usually only see around 0.5 knots of current at our offshore test locations. We’d be interested in your experiences.

If you use the 30° mounting option you will gain 22% forward thrust, but lose 22% of lateral thrust. Here’s the reference for when the frame was updated: BlueROV2 Frame Updates

Yes, you are correct that the documentation is outdated, duplicate information will be removed soon and our product pages will be the primary reference going forward. We’re starting to transition documentation over.

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I have made some speed test by driving the ROV parallell to the boat.
With 30 meter tether out maximum surface long time speed is about 2 knots @20 amperes.
Going deeper will probably give more speed (less turbulence/cavitation)
Will check that later with waterlinked system.

I’ve operated the BROV2 in high current situations - the mouth of a harbor during a king-tide change, and in open ocean during a stronger current event. I would say that up to about a 1 m/s current you can maintain navigational authority - dive while following a rope, manage tether drag to depths of 50m. However fine maneuvers with the gain set to 75 to 100 percent can be tricky!