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How much tether has everyone had out in one go

Hi Everyone,
Im interested to hear how much tether everyone has had out in one go and how the vehicle preformed with drag from the tether.
Has anyone had nearly 300m out in one go? or even 200m?
what was the maximum currents you have worked in with the tether you had out?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Tangaroa,

We usually see around 0.5 knots of current in Southern California, so nothing too extreme. We have operated with 200m and 300m on Large Spools without issue. The boat is anchored up current of whatever target or area we are working in and then the BlueROV2 is payed out from the stern.

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Hi Kevin.
Thanks for the reply. 0.5 knots is seems pretty reasonable for a large amount of tether out.
Is it possible to add / control another 4 thrusters purely fwd facing to give even more thrust fwd?