Tethering Lumen lights to a pwm tester

Hello all,

Currently trying to use the Lumen lights on my camera project.
Saw a post here somewhere suggesting to use pwm servo tester like this one (https://www.amazon.com/Geekstory-Consistency-Controler-Helicopter-Airplane/dp/B07WVSTMXF)
so got both the lights and the tester.
The thing is that the light requires 24v while the tester only runs on up to 6v DC.
Maybe anyone is aware if it will work when the tester is running on one power source and the light is on another? How to properly connect the grounds in that case?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Cnyku -
The difference in voltages shouldn’t be a problem! You would connect the servo tester to 6V dc, and as long as the ground and signal output from the tester is connected to the signal and ground lines going to the Lumen light, it should all work just fine!
That means the two power supplies will have their grounds connected - but 24V only connects to the Lumen power wire (red.)
The ground from the servo tester needs to be connected to the Lumen so the signal sent is referenced to the same potential!

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