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Light not working with PWM signal

I am using the example arduino code provided by BlueRobotics for the Lumen Subsea Light. Power supply for the light is set at 10V. I have verified on an oscilloscope that the PWM signal is being output correctly at a pulse width of 1700us at a frequency of 50Hz, but there is no output from the light. I am not sure what the problem might be.


Hi Brian,

Do you have the Arduino ground connected to your power supply ground ?

I figured out that was the problem, it is working properly now with the power supply ground connected.

I have a Newton Subsea Gripper that is still not working using the same configuration. When a PWM open or close signal is applied, the power supply drops down to 5v at 0.2 amps and the gripper doesn’t close or open.

Hi Brian,

Probably your power supply is not providing enough power for the gripper, can you increase the current limit of your power supply to 4~6A with 9V ?

That’s it! Swapped power supplies with one that could output more than one amp and now the gripper is working.

Thank you