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Manual PWM contol over Lumen lighting

Good evening warriors,

I’m looking to control a Lumen R2 which is effectively on a tether going directly to topside. I have DC power, no problem there, but what would I need to make use of the PWM dimming capability? I can see that we ground the PWM controller and the DC supply together, and feed PWM output to the yellow signal wire, but the part itself eludes me. Something potentiometer controlled would be ideal, and if it could be mounted in a wee project box I’d be delighted.

Any ideas on a nice simple piece of hardware to achieve this?

Thanks kindly folks!

Hi @AnglerFish:

Yes, this is easy. You want something called a servo tester. Basically its a box with a knob on it, that you plug a servo into for testing. When you twist the knob it adjusts the PWM going to the servo. There are plenty on Amazon, here’s an example:

The only hitch here is that you need to provide power to the servo tester, its going to need 5V.


Thank you kind sir, I’ll be back in touch when I run out of skill and/or clever.


How about the thruster commander

That’s what we use to test out lights before we install.

The control input is a potentiometer…

Much appreciated, thanks for that Etienne!

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