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Thruster Commander for controlling lights

Hi guys,

Can the thruster Commander be used to control the lumen subsea lights?


Hi Etienne,

It’ll work, the thruster commander can control any device that works with 3.3V pwm signal, like our
Lumen Light

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It should be noted that the Thruster Commander assumes that the neutral PWM signal it should be giving out is at 1500 µs (as opposed to the 1100 µs neutral signal for the Lumen lights), which it will output at startup and whenever the SWITCH or the potentiometers are disconnected.

If you do use the Thruster Commander to control the Lumen lights (especially the new R2 version), expect the lights to flash briefly on startup.

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Awesome. Thanks for the info.

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…do you have to make big changes in the software to make this work?, and where on the bodnar card do you use the potmeter(i guess you go that way?)?.. i love the idea, and absolutly worth the cost :slight_smile:

Hi Christian,

What software are you referring to? You should not need to make any changes to the software running on the Lumens nor on the Thruster Commander.

For information on how to use the Thruster Commander, please see the learn tab on the Thruster Commander store page.

reffering to QGC; well im not good in programing…but i woulf think that in the program, every step of the power to the lumens are in a system in a way?..so i guess you have to transfer this to a potmeter, so in the program you have to make a change? after what i think , you have to change the “settings”…but i am Nooo expert in this at Alll…?..moore the opposite in this :wink:

…im not thinking just to regulate the lumens with the truster commander… :wink: i understand that part… ;)…in short term…how to make the lumens adjustable(potmeter) on my topside controller?..or is it plug and play and magic happens? ;D

(im that green in this i had NOT even heard of Arduino, Pixhawk or anything of this before i bought my Bluerov2 :wink: sooo bare with me… learning everyday;)…and my teacher told me there are no stupid questions (well there are i Know ;DDD)…only stupid answers (well there too;))

Hi Christian, can you please explain what you are trying to accomplish? Maybe a picture might help.

…just to change the knobs(up and down) to a potmeter for the lumens?(difficult with a picture?)…so that you can adjust the lumen more accurate?

On the BlueROV2? It is not *currently* possible.

The people here were using the thruster commander connected DIRECTLY to the lumen as a standalone thing, not on a vehicle.

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ok :wink: Yes on the BlueROV2… i thought Etienne was doing this :wink: Sorry :wink: …still learning… but can i ask why?..or what has to be done to do this? (in short easy words;)

but can i ask why?

Limitations of system architecture (the code).

what has to be done to do this?

Significant time and effort to rework the system architecture.

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It’s a limitation of the software only.

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We inherited/adopted some code where the previous designers made some assumptions about what could/would/should be done with it. Adopting the code has allowed us to bring you the software you have today, but it has some limitations that we are still aiming to improve for our subsea users.

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ok… looking forward to see moore, and Impressed over what you do ! …tnx for patience with me ;)!

@ROV thank you! I want analog pilot control of the lights (and many other things like roll, pitch, and trims) too! It will be a very nice feature to have. I just need to find the time.


…that day you will be my hero :wink: …Merry Christmas to All of you <3

I think it’s simplistic. I also use the RC motor controller, which is a brush motor controller, one-way. I think it’s OK.

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