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Tether quick connect?

(Oliver Blum) #1


I was wondering if somebody has succesfully implemented a tether disconnect. Having the tether spool constantly connected to the ROV2 is cumbersome. Are there any water proof connectors that can be put in place a few inches behind the ROV2?

That way it would be possible to disconnect the cable once the ROV is out of the water to change store the tether away separately, or to even have an easy way to connect different tether lengths to the ROV.

Any ideas welcome :slight_smile:

(Mark Langille) #2

There are a couple other discussions on this in the forums but nothing “official” at this stage.

(Mark Langille) #3

(Mark Langille) #4

(Mark Langille) #5

(Oliver Blum) #6

Thanks Mark for all this information!

(Robert) #7

I used subconn 6 contact female bulkhead connector and mating micro inline connectors.
MCBH6F and MCIL6M. The bulkhead connector fits with just enough room for the clocking sleeve. I ignored two of the wires in my tether and wired the others for future expansion.

(Ridgeglider) #8

Take a look at the Subconn connectors

(Kevin) #9

if you don’t want to have to ask for a quote and just buy off the shelf: https://www.amronintl.com/seacon.html

(Mark Langille) #10

Seacon is cheaper, we had a quote for subconn that was 3-4X more.