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Quick disconnect connectors on 300m tether

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone here has the experience, tried it, or can give us advice.

We have a 300-meter tether, which is too long for most of our operations. Would it be recommended to short it to like 150-200 meters, and have a quick disconnect connector or sub conn connectors that can be used to extend it to 300-meters when it´s needed?


Hi Thor,

You could add a Subconn connector in the middle of the tether to allow it to be separated into two sections. We’ve never tried that before but it should work. It would have to be spliced and overmolded to seal the splice. Here are the parts you’d need for that:


Alternatively, you could add a connector to the end of the tether and ROV so that they can be disconnected. In that case, you could have a second, shorter tether or perhaps one of the “slim” tethers that is easier to transport.



Excellent Rusty

Thank you for this information and links, really appreciate it.

Would it be enough to use 4-socket connector ?

Regards. DE

Hi Thor,

Yes, absolutely, if you don’t mind losing a few wires from the tether. You only need two for core functionality and it’s nice to have a spare set for any additions that require it like the Water Linked positioning system.


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Ahh my bad Rusty… I thought the tether was only 2 pairs… I would of course use all the pairs and have the full capacity of the cable at ready.

Thanks for super fast reply and answer my technical questions.